Student play picked for New York Playmarket

  Dean Phillips is a junior theatre major with an emphasis in playwriting who chose to come to Wesleyan to expand his playwriting skills. Phillips first learned about Wesleyan through his sister, Katreeva Phillips. “I come from a very big family,” Phillips said. “I have three older sisters, and I am the youngest. My second... Continue Reading →

Law and Ethics Final Case Study

Shaydi Paramore May 4, 2017   Law and Ethics Final Case Study       The case presented to our MCO 4301 Law and Ethics class focused on an investigation on the kidnapping of a little girl, Kimmy, that was never reported by her mother Katy.Once the body of Kimmy was found, Katy was charged for... Continue Reading →

Balancing Bouquets and Books

Being a full-time student can take a lot of time and energy out of person. But add the stressful task of planning a wedding to it? Now that’s just cruel. When I said yes to my fiance Robert, the stress of juggling wedding planning, studying, and group projects definitely didn’t cross my mind. I was... Continue Reading →

Reflective Writing

  Reflective Writing With it being the end of my first semester at Texas Wesleyan University, I’m excited to get the chance to reflect on all the hard work and the challenges I had to face throughout the semester. From facing the challenges of being a content producer for The Rambler to getting used to... Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Topic: Cell Phones and Concert Culture Shaydi Paramore Communications and Rhetoric Professor Johnson-Gerendas Texas Wesleyan University A. (2016, November 16). Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wants phones put away at concerts: “Let’s have a human experience”. Retrieved November 29, 2016, from The article focuses on lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green... Continue Reading →

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